• 1978 Ford F250 – Tim H.

A Vintage Hauler For My Vintage Camper

About 5 years ago I picked up a 1972 Born Free slide in camper. We did a few trips to visit the wife’s family with it in the back of my diesel. But I kept looking for a good deal on a truck that was originally supposed to be hauling it. October 2019 I found my 1978 f250. 2wd 460/c6. It was a good running and ok looking and the price was right. So I brought it home. Cleaned it out and gave it a quick paint job to match the camper. So far I have done a lot of maintenance work, upgraded to a Holley Sniper efi with hyperspark ignition controller and coil which got me from 6 to 9mpg! I recently put in floor pans along with seat mounts from a 1998 f150. The cab corners and bed sides are next. Then it’ll be ready for a real paint job.