The Restoration of Black Beauty!

I’ve had my 71 Chevy Blazer since 5-15-1989. I traded my 71 Chevy Step side for the Blazer. When I got her she was blue with a white hard top. Had an 8000 lb Ramsey winch on front and steel bumper on back set up to haul a horse trailer. Running 15 bye 10 rims with 33 inch tires. I wanted it for a daily driver so I replaced bumpers with chrome stock bumpers and 8 inch by 15 truck rally’s on 33 inch white letter tires. Very few parts were available when I first got truck. But over the years here comes LMC. And low and behold I have created quite a relationship especially the last 5 years. She has gone from Old Blue to Black Beauty! A lot of time work and money. But I have this 1971Chevy Blazer and I am 71 year’s old and have loved every minute restoring it. I would truly love to have my truck on the cover of your magazine. I was raised on a 93 acre farm here in Starr, SC and my grandparents had a country store called Strickland’s Grocery. It has been closed since the 80’s when my grandparents passed. Last year for my Dad’s 94 Birthday one of my cousins and myself started about August working on the store to get it in shape for a birthday party! It was hot hard work but we made it! Repaired the roof painted and hauled off a lot of debris! My dad is a 30 year retired Corp of Engineers ranger who started on the first phases of building the Hartwell Dam. Then worked on the Survey Crew. And when water backed up Became a Ranger. He is also a WW11 Veteran. Very Proud of my Dad. But back to the Birthday Party! I invited family, and friends from all over and we probably had 150 or 200 people show up. Had some neighbors come play Bluegrass and of coarse Happy Birthday. Had our Sheriff Chad MCBride and Paul Brown a local news reporter did a little narrative on the 11 o’clock news. So it turned out really well! Sorry now back to my Blazer. If you check my order history I think you will see I very much a part of the LMC Truck Family, Keep Them On the Road. I will