• 1969 GMC 910 – Chris M.

Shop Truck

I have used LMCTRUCK.COM for years working on several old pickups from squarebody Chevs, to bumpside Fords, so thank you for the products you offer. This story is about my 1969 GMC 910 (yes 910, its Canadian).

I pulled this truck from our back 40 of old vehicles in Oct ’19, I worked on it with a budget and as time allowed on days off. The truck received a rebuilt 350 engine and 700R4 transmission from a 79 Chevrolet, new brakes, and suspension parts, new carpet, dash, CD player, windshield, exhaust, tires, and wheels. It was given the “shop truck” theme as a tribute to my home town of Consul, Saskatchewan in the Rural Municipality of Reno 51. Although this GMC seemed to fight me every step of the way I enjoyed the build and the progress. It’s not a high end shiney show truck but it still turns heads and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. Something worry free to enjoy.