• 1962 Ford F250 – Chris K.

Grandpas 62’ F250 4×4 tow truck

I pulled my grandpas 1962 F250 tow truck out of the weeds when I was 15. It had been sitting for about 20 years. It was a plow truck it’s entire life so there wasn’t much left. I took down the chassis to bare metal and painted it gloss black. Cut out all the rust and replaced with LMC body panels (floors, doors, fenders, running boards and cab corners). I changed the 223 and t18 4speed out and rebuilt a 300 straight six and np435 tranny. The transfer case and both the front and rear axles also were completely rebuilt. It’s currently my daily driver and a working tow truck and still plows snow like a champ. I wish my grandpa was still around to see it now. Thanks LMC for helping me get grandpa’s truck back on the road!!!