• 1987 Ford F150 – Matt O.

Thanks Mom

My mother passed five years ago and she left me an inheritance of a few thousand dollars. I was in need of a car and had no thought of buying a classic truck. But then I met a “Truck Buddy” and things changed. “Don’t just buy a car that’ll be worthless in a few years. Buy a classic truck.” says, he.

So, I spent months online looking for a truck that had the features he suggested. Standard cab, 4×4, manual transmission, AC (we live in Florida). I finally found a listing and shared my find with him – his response, “Buy it.” Then he added… “Where is it located?” I said, “It’s in Aurora, Colorado.” – “WHAT?!” was his reply followed by several shakes of his head.

I made arrangements to have it inspected and it checked out. I flew to Colorado and bought it with every intention of driving it (slowly) back to Florida – sort of a last adventure with mom type of thing. I only made it to Colorado Springs and got caught in a blizzard. I had a full day to assess the quality of my thinking and made the decision to have it shipped back to Orlando. I didn’t want the police to find me frozen as still as a board in the middle of a cornfield somewhere in Kansas.

Now Ed Shea is my daily driver and is several thousand more dollars healthier than when I found him. I’d still like to take a road trip with him one day… but not in January in Colorado.