• 1983 Chevy C10 – Charlie D.

1983 Chevy Short Box “Hot Wheels”

Omega Orange Paint
– Job Rider 5 spoke wheels on Mickey Thompson Rubber Tires
– Shaved handles, mirrors, and tailgate
– Custom Interior
– Stage 2 NOS Kit
– TCI transmission

– Engine 383 Stroker with fast burning heads, flow tech heads, KB pistons, roller cam, roller top end, steal crank, high tech connecting rods, ARP bolts, air gap intake.

🧡 Hot wheels 🧡
By: Charlie DaPonte

1983 Chevy short box “hot wheels”

The truck was once my dads farm truck that we used to take everywhere. After a few years of driving the engine went and it stayed parked beside a tree and a old tractor for 10 years. After about 10 years I asked my dad if I can have the farm truck and decided I would fixed it up and use it as an everyday drive. I painted the truck blue and added some bells and whistles to it and enjoyed the truck in my early 20s. It was until one day someone decided to stole it from my parents house and was found  striped 2 weeks later leaving only the shell of the truck. I got the truck back (shell) and parked it at the farm losing interest in rebuilding it.
After about 14 years I decided to rebuild the truck and make it a project I can do with my young kids. The truck quickly became known as the “hot wheels” and the rest was history. My family now enjoys summer rides and attending car shows in the summer.
All mechanical, paint, detail work done by Charlie with special little helpers Sabrina and Charlie Junior.