• 1950 Ford F1 – Guy M.

Mr Anselme

I found it in a barn about a half hour from my home. The owner did not have the time to give it “love” so he sold it to me.
I was able, with a little scratching, to see the original writing on the door… I research it and it used to belong to the owner of an old department store, Mr. Anselme Cote… I wrote to the city and they sent me all the information regarding the owner, that is where the name of my truck is coming. After 2-1/2 years of working on it on my spare time (I work 40 hours a week) I completed my project. So after all the work I put in it, I decided to put my name on the door. Of course it will never end since I have further project with it.
This truck is a Mercury F68, built for Canada.