• 1950 Chevy 3100 – Kathy M.

The Green Puppy

We bought the 1950 3100 truck in 1999 in Virginia and did some work. The interior was redone and the brakes were repaired as the brakes worked part time! We named it the Green Puppy because I wanted a puppy and my husband wanted this truck! We moved the truck to Southeast Georgia where we lived for 16 years. The truck is our running around town drive. Then, two years ago, we moved to Kentucky. In 2019 we contracted for an off frame restoration. While the truck was disassembled, the 235 6 cylinder engine was rebuilt. We kept the truck as original as possible thanks to all the parts we ordered from LMC! We take him out for drives on beautiful days and enjoy. Thank you for having the parts we needed to restore and rebuild our beloved truck! The first photos are before and the others are in progress and completed.