• 1999 Ford F150 – Jake M.

Jake’s 1999 F150

It’s a 1999 Ford f150, l bought this truck 4 years ago she was rough and needed a lot of love so I bought it for 1500 dollars. Then I started fixing it. The door had a dent in it, and the engine ran rough, it had bald tires and it was neglected so the past 4 years I have replaced the grille, the bumpers and the interior I replaced the engine twice it was a 4.6 original truck I have swapped it over to a 5.4l PI. I have replaced the rear end and the transmission and transfer case. Also the suspension has been gone through and replaced she drives like new also I have a posi Trac rear end waiting rebuild to go in, I have wheels and tires on the way and hopefully I can lift it one day. But I have had this truck and fixed it all with my bare hands and it has taught me to be patient and just keep Working because you will be happy in the end, also I proposed to my soon to be wife next to this truck. I’ve slept in this truck this truck is my home. Built from blood sweat and tears.