• 1997 Ford F350- David & Deidre E.

My husband loves this truck, well he loves all Ford trucks, especially the 7.3 diesels, but this one is by far his favorite. He is the 2nd owner of the truck. After many years of hauling, towing, and trips to the mountains and beach, it was time for a new paint job and a few upgrades. I also wanted the truck to be camera ready for our wedding of September 2019. Long hard hours put in by my husband and a few body and paint technicians of the body shop I work at, the truck received a new paint job. New lights, chrome moldings, decals, and emblems completed the transformation. The truck gets many comments and stares everywhere it is driven. The next upgrade for my husband will be a new engine. There are a lot of memories in this truck and we hope to create more for years to come.