• 1995 Ford F250 – Alex S.

Uncle’s Farm Truck turned to Teenager’s Dream

My great uncle passed away right before I turned 16 and I was in the market for my first vehicle. His old truck was given to my dad to do some work to, to make it back to street worthiness. After some thinking my great aunt decided to sell me the truck. I was extremely grateful but had a long road ahead of me. My uncle was a farmer, and he used his 7.3 for all his farming purposes but wasn’t one to wash it and usually parked it in the field by the barn. The truck was fairly low miles but there was tons of rust damage. A bed, cab corners, rocker panels, fender, bumpers, and a paint job later I had the most beautiful truck in the high-school parking lot. 4 years later this truck is my pride and joy. Big thanks to LMC for making her look how she should