• 1988 Chevy 1500 – Michael M.

My 1988 Silverado

This is our 1988 Chevy Silverado. We bought it used, 21 years ago from a Shafter, Ca high school coach. I drove it every day to work until I retired. About seven years ago, while I was still working, I started to restore it. From the very beginning I wanted to keep the truck as original as possible. If I could salvage a part instead of replacing it, I did. The truck ran well when we got it, so the first thing I did was paint it. It looked good from the outside but over the course of time things started to look “tired” on the inside. This meant replacing some dash components and having the bench seat reupholstered. A friend told me about LMC trucks. I went online, got a phone number, and ordered a catalog. Once the parts from LMC arrived, I got to work. I wanted to paint them according to the color scheme. Luckily the paint code was in the glove box. I took it to a local shop and they mixed up the paint for me and put it in spray cans. I painted all the dash parts, new and used including the door panels. The finishing touch was getting the seat reupholstered. When it was done, it looked “factory”. The carpeting is original to the truck. It took me a while to get it clean, but when I was finished, the carpet looked new. As time went on other things were done both mechanical and otherwise to enhance the look of the truck ie; new glass, getting the bumpers re- chromed and getting the wheels polished. What you see here took a lot of time and work to complete. It almost seems never ending. Anyone who has taken on such a project knows exactly what I’m talking about. Something is always breaking. I had the motor, the transmission and the entire brake system rebuilt. These types of things are always time and money consuming. Now that I’ve gotten through all of this my, wife and I drive the truck daily, getting lots of looks and thumbs up. One of the most positive comments I ever got was from someone passing by and telling me the truck looked “ showroom”. We often get offers from people wanting to buy it, “no way”. Nothing gives me a greater sense of accomplishment. I want to say thanks to my wife. She was 100% behind this project and encouraged me to get it done. She also got me a personalized license plate, Guapo 88. It means “good looking” in Spanish. I want to knowledge all of the people who had a hand in getting this project completed. I consider them all my friends. Most of all I want to thank the folks at LMC trucks for their experience and all of their patience…

Michael & Betty M.