• 1981 Dodge D150 – Wayne M.

Dad’s Dodge

My father purchased this truck new in 1981, two years before I was born. I drove it when I was in high school and then left home and joined the Marines. Ten years ago my father sold the truck to my uncle who used it on his farm. I purchased it from my uncle two years ago and began the restoration process.

The body was pretty rough when I started. The drivers floor was gone as well as the rocker panel. Anyone who has restored a Dodge knows how hard it is to find parts. I had to get creative and make the parts that I could not buy. I did all of the work myself with the help of my son, we replaced the rotten metal, did all the body work, painted, and pinstriped it.

I replaced the original slant 6 and transmission with a 318 and 904 that we rebuilt. We took the frame down to the metal, painted it, re-ran new brake and fuel lines, replaced all the suspension parts, and rewired the ignition.

My dad is no longer living, but I think he would be proud that his truck is still on the road almost 40 years later and soon his grandson will be driving it.