• 1979 Chevy Scottsdale – Gregory B.

79 Scottsdale

My search for a daily driver square began almost a year ago. After six months of searching for a short box V8, I found this 1979 long box, 250 L6.

42K original miles, original paint, original interior. The truck spent its life in Nebraska, half of which was spent in storage. The second owner bought the truck at an estate sale. Had the motor rebuilt, and a vintage air unit installed. I jumped on the listing and drove the truck home (600 miles) in January of 2020.

The engine is a 79 250 L6, it has been rebuilt with an early model (non integrated) head, 4″ bore/3.5″ stroke, 9.2:1 pistons, solid tappet cam, and hedman headers. 266 CI now.

I replaced the transmission with another TH350, it has Kevlar band/HD clutches, as the original trans began showing signs of 20 years of dry rot immediately.

I have since lowered the truck with 3 inch spindles on the front, and 2 inch shackles and perches on the rear for a total of 4 inches. LMC supplied all the tie rod assemblies, axle U bolts, bushings, oil cooler lines, Etc…

Good start to a Daily work in progress..