• 1966 GMC C10 – Eric H.

1966 GMC C10 “Grandpa Bob”

This is a 1966 GMC that was bought brandnew by my best friends Grandpa Bob, the truck spent most of its life right out of the dealership with a camper shell on it. After Grandpa Bob passed away while driving the truck my best friends dad took the truck and used it for the family trash hauler, work truck, camping, you name it. My friends dad had someone paint it red back in 89′ and while this person had it in his possession his wife went into labor in this truck. When my friend and I were in high school we tinkered with it here and there, we pulled the inline 6 and put a small block chevy in it. The truck sat for years while my friend was trying to figure out his life. One day my friend asked me if we could do a full resto on it in honor of Grandpa Bob, i said heck yeah. So we called up LMC and got all the parts needed and also called GM and ordered an LS3 connect and cruise. The rest is history. Such a clean reliable cruiser.