It started with helping a friend find a Bronco. This one was on craigslist, but my friend didn’t have the money. I thought about it all week and decided to call. Come to find out, it was just 25 miles away in Gibsland, LA (made famous by Bonnie & Clyde). I found out that the Bronco was bought at a local Ford dealer and that the original owner had been a local. The Bronco had 30,000 original miles, no rust or body damage, so I bought it. As you would expect, the paint was looking old and the rubber was cracking. I went through it completely and freshened it up. We brought it to the Super Bronco Celebration, and it won its first award.

We currently have 5 Broncos in various stages. I am finishing up the restoration of a Bronco for the friend. The cinnamon/bronze 1977 Bronco was our first. It belonged to one of my closest friends’ grandparents from Summerfield, LA. They drove it to Washington State from Louisiana to pick apples, hauling a travel trailer and two dogs! It has a lot of sentimental value and a lot of work equity in it! The dark green bronco is a restoration for a friend. All the paint jobs were done by Ultimate Auto Body of West Monroe, LA.