• 2002 GMC Sierra C1500 – Gaines E.

Best Truck Ever

I have owned three trucks, and my 2002 GMC Sierra has been my favorite.

I bought it new in May 2002, and pretty much haven’t had any major repairs. I did have to replace the windshield washer pump (myself) and a remanufactured power steering pump (dealer), but that’s it. Except for regular maintenance items, and synthetic oil.

I installed a Class III hitch, and trans cooler, and have hauled my old car on a trailer from Dallas to Michigan, and all points in between.

My wife asked me recently if I wanted a new truck, and I said, “No, this one still feels new to me.” And I’m always being asked if it’s for sale, or people compliment it.

My plan is to keep this truck until I can’t drive anymore…. take it to car shows, and be able to tell youngsters that I’ve owned it since new.

It has the smooth-running 4.8 V8, and is one of the last years of the stepside design; I think those two attributes are what I like best…. and the color.