• 1998 Chevy Silverado 1500 – Neal R.

The White Truck

I was working on a long term work assignment and asked a colleague to find a pick up truck to pull a travel trailer that I had just purchased. The trailer dealer had to delivered to the RV park and I had no way to move it in the future. My friend said he had the perfect truck for me, he said it was a classic, he said everyone will want to buy it from me which I didn’t believe until I saw, The White Truck. With 74,000 miles on it this truck light people up when they see it. People tell they learned to drive in a truck like this, or their dad had one. Few can believe its as original as it is. No matter where I go people just say, “you’re the guy with The White Turck!” Weather its a dealership, a jiffy lube or a car show this truck is a joy to show people. People stop their work to come look at it. Mechanics will go get their bosses to show it to them and I would really appreciate a chance to publish it as way to show it to others. I have enjoyed finding LMC as a resource to keep this truck in the condition it is in now. I have other photos but the site would not let me upload a zip file. I’d happy to send it to you in the future. Thanks for asking for my story.