In 2016 after I got my drivers license my dad and I started looking for a truck for me to drive and through a friend that my grandfather worked with we found my 1993 k1500. The truck had been sitting for several years after the frame rusted in half while in the previous owners possession. After we bought the truck we immediately started tearing down the back half of the truck to replace the back half of the frame. After we replaced the back half of the frame, my grandfather, father, and I started going through all of the parts that we had laying around and realized that we had a bunch of parts that were too far rusted to be reused. My uncle had told my father and I about lmc truck and that the parts were good quality and were a perfect fit. I gathered up a list of all the parts I needed and got on the LMC truck website and started ordering parts. Every part that I got from LMC truck was amazing quality and was a perfect fit. After we got the truck on the road I have continued to use LMC truck to find the perfect fit replacement parts from anything from interior parts to body panels and also many other parts for my other project my 1968 chevy c20. I have had nothing but good service with lmc truck and will continue to use LMC truck for all of my classic truck needs.