• 1990 GMC C1500 – David F.

I worked at a tow yard here in my home town and this truck came in on a police impound. I was the one who towed it to our yard. This is the truck I’ve always wanted ever since I was in high school. Fortunately for me the truck cleared the lien sale and the owner never came for it so I bought it from my boss for a few bucks .
Brought it home and went to work on it . Ripped out all the old grungy blue carpet, took dash out, took doors apart, took headliner out, just completely gutted the inside . Sanded down the interior floor ( which was in pretty good shape ) and bought sound deadening material and covered every square inch of floor, headliner, inside door, door panel, dash area, back wall just covered everywhere so the truck would have better sound quality and less road noise. Ordered carpet from LMC and ordered all window mouldings and seals, door panels, dash vents and hardware from LMC. Everything fit wonderfully. Changed the color of interior from stock GMC blue to grey and dark grey tones. Just finished the stereo inside . And man does this truck sound good.
I lowered the rear 4 inches so it rides as close to level as possible. I bought a 2 inch cowl hood from LMC and painted and installed it as well. Sprayed bed liner in bed and added LED lite strip under rails to lite up bed at nite. Did all the body work ( which I learned I’m not cut out for ) and then painted truck Magnetic Grey. Bought the wheels from a local wheel and tire store here . They are a 20″ ” OLD SCHOOL BG ROD WORKS ” wheel. I tried to match the paint of wheels to truck but missed it by a little bit. Still looks great.
Then moved to engine bay where LMC was amazing at finding cool little trick items to spice up motor compartment. All that’s left is upgrade front sway bar and add rear sway bar .