• 1989 Dodge 100 – Nicholas P.

Piecing It Together

Around January 2018 I bought a dodge ram D100, with a 5 speed manual for 1800 dollars. I was looking for a vehicle that I would be able to maintain fairly easy with parts that were easy to source, MOPAR fit the description. I was able to daily it for about 2 months until early March when a criminal that had several warrants out for his arrest crashed a stolen dodge journey into my truck parked on the street in the middle of the night. I heard it and thought a someones tire blew because it happens often on our street, unfortunately it was my tire. Five minutes later my neighbor rang on our doorbell saying someone crashed into our truck. Ironically she had to stop the dodge journey, the man who drove it broke the cv joints and couldn’t drive it but he left it in drive so it was slowly creeping down the street towards one of our neighbors houses. What was ironic was that they put a warrant out for my neighbor because her prints were in the car, so we had a laugh about that a few weeks later. The man was later caught because they finally had evidence to send him to jail because he left a gun with his prints on it in the vehicle which placed him at the scene of the crime. The next day after the crash I went to the place where I bought the truck, it was a body shop so I went there for advice to see if my truck was salvageable they said yes and gave me a good deal on repairs but in turn I would help piece it back together as well as learn how to do body work and paint. Most of the time it was watching, sanding, and taking body components off. But over the year I’ve made good bonds with all of them that they let me use the shop on weekends for personal projects like prepping my 81 volvo 242 for body work and paint. As of this month my truck is finally painted and the clear is set to get sanded and buffed in a few weeks and I am looking around for trim components that I still need to complete my truck. Thankfully most of the sheet metal and body components I was able to source from LMC truck and the customer service was great!! Slowly I am piecing my truck together sooner rather than later it will be complete.