• 1977 Ford F250 – Daniel K.

An Unexpected Find

So I’m searching for a Chevy s10 pickup to do a frame swap for my 1949 chevy corner window pickup and I come across an add for this 1977 ford f250 ranger super cab with a 351 v8. The ad said 500 or negotiable. I though for sure it was spam bull. I asked to go look at it. I get there and I meet 2 of the nicest people I have ever met when dealing with online transactions. It was a father and son. The dad bought this truck for him in high school and he’s now in college and neither of them have the time for this old beauty. So I’m looking at it in the rain with a flashlight and she does have some body issues but the skeleton is solid and the engine purrs. At this point my heart was beating and I already fell in love. The kid says to me I’m not concerned about the price I honestly just want to see her back on the road. They almost sent this gem to the scrap yard and they offered them $100.
I said to the young man how much would you be comfortable with selling her for. He said I would go as low as $100 just to see someone appreciate her and put her back on the road.
We shook hands and no lie I said I’m so happy I could hug you and then we hugged. I think he was as happy as I was knowing I would get her back in action. I promised him I wouldn’t scrap her so here I go with another project. But I love this old girl.