• 1972 Dodge Power Wagon W200 – Evan A.

First Truck

I was not a truck person. Until the day I saw this truck for sale on Facebook. Then everything changed. It is not a very desirable or special truck but it is rare. It is a 1972 Dodge Power Wagon W200 extended cab long bed. It is a big truck… It was exactly a year ago. I bought the truck just by looking at the pictures the seller had sent me. Put the money in my pocket, borrowed my buddy’s truck, thinking I would tow that back with a U-Haul dolly. What a mistake!! It would not fit in any towing dolly or any car trailers. I had to hire a transport truck to bring that home, 300 miles away. I have a traveling job. I have been spending every minute of my free time at home working on this truck. It is finally running and driving. As I was writing this little story, I am working on putting a set of new tires. I am counting on LMC Truck to help me out during this journey. This truck made me a believer of “every household should have a truck”. Keep them on the road people… Don’t let them die…