• 1964 Ford F250 – Dale T.

My 1964 Ford Custom Cab Truck

I found the truck about two miles from my house. I went to pick up my wife’s sister, and spotted the truck. I fell in love with the color and body line. I put $100 down. My wife was away on a bowling tournament, and when she got home, I told her to come with me to see an old truck to buy. She looked at it and said do you want it? And the rest is history. I bought it. Body was already painted. I showed my best friend Barry, took it for a test drive and he loved it. Then he said let’s build a show truck, almost done 2 1/2 years later. Need to finish interior yet, but engine, power steering, dual exhaust, headers, and LMC wiring harness done. Thanks to my fantastic and enthusiastic wife for letting me buy the truck, I love you honey!! To Barry, Brioli Muffler, Rodeheavers Speed Shop, Thomas Garage, Parrish Upholstery and to LMC for all the great parts to finish my show truck.