• 1963 Ford F100 – Carl Glen R.

For the Love of a Truck

I found this 1963 F100 Unibody Shortbed under a tree at the edge of a farmers field in 1987. Not knowing if he would sell it, I went to him and just asked. He didn’t hesitate. Back in those days people didn’t really care as much about pickups as they do today.

These pictures show the before and after of my truck. I started restoring it in 1987 to 1991. I never got to finish it fully. As with life, raising kids and everyday life trying to make ends meet, I never had the time or money to do it right. The truck sat from 1999 to 2020. What really got me in gear to restore it again was that it was stolen from me and I was blessed to get it back a week later!

I’m semi-retired now, so I have more time and money to make it shine again! It has the original 292 v8 3 speed, and as the lastest pictures will show, I have a good start on it again. ( The first two pictures are in 1987. The pictures of it freshly painted inside and out was in 1991. The picture with the hood off was taken a couple of weeks ago. Starting to work on firewall and engine.)

I have always loved trucks and have owned many great Fords. It’s hard to believe 33 years have passed since I began my life with this beloved truck(it has always been my favorite) I am in the process of bringing her back to life and I know it will take me a bunch of time and hard work.

Thanks to the people here at LMC Truck, I can get the parts I need to make my dream come true! Thank you all so very much!