• 1979 Ford F250 Ranger – Dustin A.

1979 f250 Ranger 4×4

I found the truck in a friend of mine’s neighbors barn in 2016. It had been subdue to years of neglect and need some serious tender loving care. I brought it home and just started saving and slowly ordering parts until taking it back to my friends and completely stripping it down. I’ll never forget the first order I made form LMC when a semi truck pulled into the drive way due to my massive order. It took us a little over a year to completely redo. My dad was rushed because he promised I’d get to drive it to school at least one day and I bent the rules when I graduated high school as a junior and skipped senior year. This old truck has slowly became an amazing part of my life and I’m so glad in today’s world it’s so easy to order and part you might need instead of trying to find used parts.