• 1976 Chevy Silverado – Abigial N.

Family Heirloom

My truck is a two tone tan and orange Chevy Silverado. My dad’s cousin had bought the pickup, brand new from the lot with 13 miles on it. After a few years, he sold it to a couple of brothers who owned a farm. And a few years after that, in about ’82, they sold it to my grandpa. Where he then sold it to my dad, after him and my uncle fixed it up, after an accident in the winter of ’83. The day I got it, I just received my license. So dad and I decided to get the pickup that day from my other uncle’s barn, where it kept it safe from the environment around it. During my senior year of prom, my dad and I decided to restore it. He put a fresh paint job on, and repaired a lot of the rust holes. Just this past summer, we had the truck re-pinstriped, but with my name on it instead of dads.