• 1972 Chevy Cheyenne – Carrie B.

Old Yeller

My truck was my grandpas truck, he never let anyone drive his truck, not even grandma. When I was 16 I walked in and he tossed me the keys and told me to take it around the block. When I got back he said when the time comes its mine. Fast forward I’m 31 yrs old and grandpa has Alzheimer’s. He put the truck up for sale. Grandma called to tell me this very worried that I would be upset. I told her I’ll save up and buy the truck . I never did get to save up, grandpa woke up one day out and out of the blue asked when Carrie was coming to get her truck. I had the tow truck there within the hour. Now I have it torn apart, motor at the machine shop trying to turn it back into a truck my grandpa would be proud of.