• 1967 Ford F250 – Brian B.

Old Red

We bought Old Red for the farm in FL. My wife always wanted a classic 60″s Ford to drive when getting feed and hay. I found this one in Colorado, as you can imagine the rust and decay is impressive due to the excessive snow and moisture. I believe in restoring these older classics as someday there wont be much left to appreciate. So we purchased the 1967 F250 Ranger Camper Edition and I’ve been working on the restoration for 2 years. Its a part of the family and everyone has helped in the restoration of the truck. In May, it will be finished but I’m glad that it has a new lease on life and that it will bring joy to the family as we use it around the farm. Thanks to LMC truck, it has been easy to source parts. Anytime you deal with a company that is built for enthusiasts by enthusiasts, its a great thing.