• 1966 Ford F100 – McAylan M.

Grandpa Sold His Old Truck!!

I visited my Grandma and Grandpa every day after school, they live next door. My Grandpa is always working on cars and never works on his old 1966 F100, just sets in the barn.

Well after school one day when I was 15 riding the bus we passed there house. I couldn’t believe what I saw, my grandpa’s old truck setting by the road for sale!

I ran over and told grandpa he can’t sell that truck, we been talking for years about all the stuff we are going to do to it.
Grandpa said he doesn’t have the time to fix it and has to sell it. I was in shock all the talk and dreams of riding around in that truck gone. I told my dad what had happened and he knew how much it meant to me. My dad explained how much hard work and money it takes to fix up a vehicle. Unfortunately it is just too much for grandpa to do. I didn’t want to hear that he wasn’t going to help me talk grandpa out of selling the truck.

I couldn’t let it go and made a plan to talk to grandpa and tell him I would help and do most the work to fix up truck. I went with a plan to not take no for an answer! I told grandpa and he listened to me and said well a guy stopped here today and bought it coming back tonight to get it. I didn’t know what to say just turned and left.

I went home and felt so sad for my grandpa and myself. My dad came home from work and I met him at his truck to tell him what had happened. My dad said, grandpa told you their picking it up tonight? I said yeah, dad said well since I bought it, I guess we better go get your truck.

I was 15 than, now 20 years old truck has been complete for few years now. I am so thankful for LMC we bought so many parts from here. I will show you before and after pictures, even with my grandpa. Me and my dad built the entire truck my grandpa came over all the time to watch and drink coffee.