“O’l Blue”

This truck was purchased from the original owner in the summer of 2007. Over the next three years, many mechanical parts were replaced including brake system and all brake lines, the gas tank and all gas lines, shocks, and other minor repairs and replacements. The clutch was just recently replaced. The factory 5 Liter V8 engine runs like a dream with 220,000 kilometers (132,000 miles) on the odometer.

1992 was one of the years where the paint would not stand up so the last step was to strip the rust free body down to bare metal and apply the factory blue paint with additional flake mixed in. The next step for the body was the installation of new body moldings and the final step was the installation of 15” x 8” Keystone Smoothie rims and baby moons.

The vehicle is a daily driver except for winters in Ontario Canada where they still insist on the archaic use of salt on the roads. I don’t want any rust on O’l Blue.