• 1985 GMC K1500 – Beau L.

Grandpa Jack’s 85

Grandpa Jack bought this truck brand new in 1985 and used it to drive back and forth to his highway jobs. He also had a camper shell he would put in the back to take my grandma camping. After siting in my fathers drive way since Jacks passing in 2008 I finally talked my father into letting me have the pickup in 2018. January first of 2018 the Holmlund family and I began tearing the pick up down to bare frame and building the pickup back up to what we have today. LMC parts include all new seals, cab mounts, patch panels, front fenders, hood, door panels dash and dash pad, front end dress up kit, carpet, bumpers, mounting brackets, door and tail gate handles, diff chrome, disk brake kit, inside of cab and under cab under coated, one pc windows, it has a 383 stroker with 430 hp 344 gears. Pearl white paint with a custom blue green color. This pickup was 100% garage built at the Holmlunds house in 7 months.