• 1978 Ford F250 – Jake B.

Great Grandpa’s F250

My Great Grandfather bought this 78 F250 new. It’s a pretty basic truck being a 2WD 300 inline 6 with a 3 speed manual and no special options. He took very good care of it and it has aged pretty well for being a 40+ year old Northern Ohio truck. After my Great Grandfather passed a few years ago my Grandpa who was his son in law inherited it. Without a way to trailer it away from my great grandparents house I called my buddy we were still in High School and didn’t have our license to drive yet he talked with his dad and we worked a deal to haul the truck to my Grandparents house.

It sat til this summer under a tree when I finally convinced my grandpa to get it working. We spent some time under the hood on days right after I got off work when I wasn’t working on my 75. The truck finally purred in August but still sits as we have more work to do. It’ll be a great grandson and grandfather project this year and hopefully I’ll get to take it down the road with Grandpa before it snows this next winter.