• 1977 Ford F250 – Bradley P.

R.I.P. Uncle Mike

My uncle Mike was the smartest man I knew behind a wrench or the wheel of a semi. He’s the one who sparked my obsession with classic cars and trucking. He was in and out of the hospital for the last few years he was trucking and the years to follow. Before he died I got my hands on my ’77 F-250. The old Fords were his favorite. He was able to lay his eyes on it just once before he died. For 3 hours we planned the restoration project. He never got to sit in it but, when I restore it, his name will be on it forever. She’s my daily driver. The 351M runs strong. I plan on installing a ranger torque splitter and a 4bt Cummins. Pretty much everything that screams uncle Mike will be done. R.I.P. Michael King.