• 1967 Chevy C10 – Ike D.

LMC family,
I found the old Blue truck sitting out front of a body shop in Northern Michigan. It caught my attention for a lot of reasons, we don’t see these in Michigan because of the harsh roads and winters. It was in amazing condition for its age! (Yes I turned around to go look). I’m nearing retirement and looking for a project. It was for sale ! BUT, the shop was closed. After the weekend dragged by, I called. Yes, its for sale. I made plans to go back and buy it.
It took a little bit of tinkering, but they got it running. It had been setting for over a year. Lucky me, it was sprinkling rain and the wipers didn’t work. No worries, I drove it home with a big smile.
The first thing I did was screw on a shifter knob. It had a big grease rag tied on for my first drive. Within a few days, I took it to my local mechanic. We got it on the hoist, and his first comment was, “WOW! This is in amazing condition under here”. I showed him the Virginia title. Yeah, not a Michigan truck. As he did a thorough assessment, and estimate of repairs needed, I waited in the lobby. On his table next to the comfy chair was a LMC catalog. It was a sign from the Heavens.
As time passes, I tried to tell myself, and my wife, that it’s just a retirement project. But the catalog was too strong. Boxes showed up on the porch, and the old Blue truck came back to life. The body and frame is solid American steel, but some of the other systems had been neglected. Wiring was broken and patched; with too much grey duct tape. Gauges didn’t work, switches were rusty and broken. Springs were torched off too short, shocks missing, tires rotted (I was lucky to make it home like I did)
So the pages of my catalog are tagged, torn and well used. The Card is smokin. The neighbors are shakin their head, but still lookin. I took a picture out in the yard one afternoon next to my Son’s car, just to send to him. He’s in the military stationed in Japan ( his car is in my garage for safe keeping ). .. . {with the key in it}. That afternoon, I got a lot of attention as people drove by and noticed. One even stopped to ask if any of that was for sale. I thanked him for his appreciation, but that’s a HARD NO.
I’m not retired yet, and the truck isn’t done yet. But its runnin better every time I drive it, and I get compliments all the time.
Thanks LMC. Drivin the Workin Man Blues