• 1949 Dodge B1 – Tyler H.

Rat Rod

I’ve always been a gear head but never thought I would have the time or money to get something done. I bought this ‘49 Dodge for $300 after it spent 20 years in an Iowa cattle pasture, as a roller without the front clip. I didn’t want to spend the money on fenders and a grille, even if I could find them, so I stretched it out and hung the axle out front, rebuilt the frame from firewall forward, boxed and notched the rear, and it turned out pretty good. I found a ‘65 Sport Fury 383 big block for another $300, and after selling my Harley, did a complete rebuild, and matched it to a rebuilt 727 from a ‘70 Chrysler. I basically built the whole thing with an angle grinder and small welder in my gravel driveway, and 11 months after I pulled it out of the barn I took 3rd place at our local vintage hot rod show with over 800 cars on a dirt track drag race. The truck turned out awesome and I couldn’t be happier!