• 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 – Conor W.

Big Red

The sentimental value that my family has with this truck goes back farther than I have been alive. The truck has been in the family since 1999 when my uncle bought it from a repo lot. He liked the truck because it was the color of the then 49ers jersey, he could care less what kind of truck it was. As I started to grow up, he became my biggest role model, and along with it the truck that he drove became just as special. In 2009 my uncle needed to part ways with the truck, and my dad at the same time needed to get a bigger truck to accommodate his growing family. The truck was in desperate need of some serious mechanical maintenance, which my dad could provide to it, and the deal was made. From then on I grew up with the truck being in my everyday life. It drove me to my first day of kindergarten and and every sports practice I’ve ever had.

Once I reached high school, the truck was mechanically in tip top shape, but cosmetically it was worse for wear. The dash was extremely cracked, the paint was coming off in sheets, and the headlights were faded to the point where you could almost see nothing out of them at night. So, starting on August 26, 2018 it would ironically take me exactly one year to get it the way you see it now. I spent every weekend, free school night, and all my birthday and Christmas money pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this truck, striving to make the truck as perfect as I could for my sixteenth birthday. And I would come within months of my goal, getting the truck back from being painted on August 26, 2019, just four months after my birthday. And I absolutely could not have done it without your guys’ help, so for that, I am extremely grateful. But, as most car projects are, I still have lots of little ends to button up, and I plan have another wave of parts ordered from you guys in the coming weeks.