• 1994 Chevy Suburban – Dustin H.

From A Vision To Reality

I bought my 1994 Chevrolet suburban in the beginning 2018 with faded paint, rust on the body and deteriorated seats. But I had a vision! I wanted a beefed up hoss of a Chevy but keeping the factory look alive! So slowly I made it happen one paycheck at a time. I bought parts and accessories over the course of almost 2 years and saved some cash along the way. The whole time I kept telling my son that one day were going to turn my truck into a monster truck!

When all the stars lined up it was time to bring what started as just a vision to actual reality. The paint job was first! I stuck with the original color that came on the truck in 1994. I also had all the lights and molding replaced with factory style accessories. I had the pin striping done as close to factory as possible. After the sparkly new finish it was time to put some space between the ground and the bottom of my suburban. I went with the 6 inch rough country suspension lift. I had the whole front end rebuilt at the same time as the installation of the lift kit. After anxiously waiting for the longest 3 days of my life installation was a success.

It was finally time to put some meat up under the frame! I went with 35 12.50 calvory mud terrains and 22 inch factory Cadillac Escalade wheels. (My goodness!) Was all I could say when it rolled off the lift at the shop. I took it straight to the muffler shop and had dual magnaflow exhaust with black tips installed to complete the process.

When I got the call upon completion I said c’mon son it’s time to go get our monster truck. His reaction was priceless. What started out as what seemed to be an unrealistic dream became reality. Thank you so much LMC Truck for still making all the factory parts to help turn my outdated SUV into a new 1994 Chevrolet Suburban!