• 1969 Ford F250 – Gary E.

The “Big White Whale”

In 1969 I found myself car shopping at a Ford dealership in Scottsdale Arizona. I had narrowed it down to two vehicles a ’69 Mustang GT 500 and a ’69 F250 Ranger. It was a hard decision but I finally decided on the F250 because it fit my life style better. After two months wait the truck that would later be nicknamed the “White Whale” was delivered from the factory.

Since then it’s been my hunting partner, hauled building materials, firewood, motor cycles and kids. It even made the 10,000-mile round trip up the Alaskan highway before it was paved. It has been well loved and well used. My kids have even joked they were going to bury me in it. It took seven years but the old guy finally got his restoration and he’s looking great for a 50 year old, and here’s to another 50 years.