• 1995 Chevy 1500 – Dallas M.


Well my dad bought it for me as an early birthday present because it was my 16th birthday and I wanted a Chevy 4wd. I had a few plans for it and it had came just how I wanted it to be but it needed a few things to make it mine. It was perfect, it had no dents and no paint chips or anything but you know classic chevy’s and how they get a little spot rust under the door panel and that’s an easy fix. So me and my dad went to look at it. It just had a rebuilt 400 small block with summit aluminum racing heads and a cam in it and didn’t even have 1500 miles on it. Had a rebuilt transmission and transfer case in it. So my dad bought it for $6500 for it and I still think that was a steal so yea that’s my story about my 95 Chevy 1500 4wd.