• 1990 Dodge D250 – Noelle M.

Reliable Dodge

I am currently 17 years old, I just purchased my own first gen dodge Ram. I wanted a project truck for tech because I am in Cumberland Perry Votech school for autobody…. I would like my truck to be my senior project. How I found this truck was just driving around and I saw it just sitting in the woods. I knocked on the owner’s door and I asked if he was willing to sell that dodge that was in the woods he said “absolutely” he took us up to see it and it was a 1990 Dodge Ram Extended cab it’s been sitting for over 2 years. He asked us if we would like to hear it start and run ….he started it up without any problems…. and this truck had been sitting for over 2 years. Cant wait for it to be finish with some of Lmc parts