• 1986 Chevy C10 – Robert S.

My first truck

So I got this truck, it’s a 1986 Chevy Silverado c10 and it only had one owner. I got it after it was sitting in a drive way for 3 or 4 years so I figured hey this would be a cool truck to have. The owner got it brand new and he drove it for a long time. After a while of it sitting in the drive way I thought hey I want this and I want to fix it up. When I got it everything was completely rusted out and the brakes were stuck. Me and my dad fixed her up and took care of the brakes and everything that needed attention. Now I daily drive it back and forth to school and I love this truck. It may only be 2 wheel drive but I love it. This truck I plan to keep forever. It’s still a work in progress. I plan to repaint it and convert it to 4 wheel drive. It has the original motor and transmission and when I got it, it had only 97,000 miles on it. The body was rough and there wasn’t much left but I plan on getting new doors and fenders and maybe a new bpx along the way. Thank you dad for helping me with this truck.