• 1985 Dodge W150 – Bill W.


I bought this truck brand new in 1985. It was my daily driver for 20 or so years. Back in those days I worked out of town and this truck hauled my house which was a 25’ travel trailer and it seemed like this truck always had a trailer behind it. As the family grew up I decided to have my 16 year old son use this truck through his teenage years. He went off to college so I put my next son in this truck. After son number 2 went to college I got my old truck back. When the truck had its 34th birthday I had a decision to make. Buy a new truck or rebuild the Goathead. The decision was made for me when my wife and kids told me they plan to bury me in this truck so if I wanted a long life I better fix up the truck. So after 34 years and 330K miles (yes, that’s 330;000) the truck got a new engine; transmission, brakes, drive lines and basically everything under the hood. This has come with major challenges as finding parts for this truck is extremely difficult and in some cases impossible, but I have it running as good or better than it was when it was new. I realize this truck is not and never will be a show truck, but it’s a workhorse. I have had this places that it shouldn’t be….. and sometimes doesn’t fit. This old Dodge Prospector and I have grown old together and we have quite a few more adventures in store for us. I am so happy my family talked me in to getting it going again. If you ever see this old rig coming down the road give me a wave and a thumbs up

Thank you