• 1981 Chevy K10 – Randall F.



In 1989 I started looking for a short bed 4×4 Chevy truck with the least amount of body issues, that I could tinker with & fulfill my dream. It needed inside work, the body had a minimal amount of rust, & the motor needed to be rebuilt. ~No problem, I thought. ~It has been a work of love putting it together as I saw it in my mind.

I started with the motor, I took it from a straight 6-250 bored over to equal a 289 or a 305. It has an edelbrock intake, 2 barrel carburetor & a small cam making it sound like a V-8. Split headers to make it a true duel exhaust. I have put all of the chrome that I can find on the motor.

Then came the body work & paint job. To start with the rocker panels and one corner of the cab had to have the rusted & weak spots cut out and replaced with new metal to be welded on. I am very proud to say that this truck has NO bondo. It was sanded down to bare metal. Any dents or bings were taken out & it was primed with epoxy primer, as to out last me. All of these details have given the truck a paint job that is out of this world.

For the finishing touches on the outside, I had a 4 inch lift kit & 33 × 12.50 tires put on. I custom made a Chevy emblem for the grill & also to go over the turn signals using diamond plated chrome.

Now on to the interior. Having enough diamond plated chrome left I was able to cover the 4 wheel drive and gear shift box for an awesome look. The original color was maroon. However my vision had it as gray & black. I put in a bucket seat with a built in console option in the center or it could be used as all seat. I put in all new weather stripping around the doors & windows. I had to order new door panels & I decided to stain them (a bigger job than I expected). I ordered a new dash board. I put in new Aluminium door seal plates. I put in new Chevy custom threshold plates that are made from high-quality stainless steel with a brushed finish & etched accents. I installed blue light strips under the dash. The new headliner has 4 speakers & there is a Am/FM CD stereo set into it. There is a CB attached just under the stereo.

I have to give cudo’s to LMC they had all the parts easily available that I needed. Customer Service was always fantastic, easy to deal with. Great group of folks.

The body work and painting was done by Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting in Knoxville, Tn.

This truck was purchased while I was dating my now wife. However back then we took a break from each other and life took us on different journeys. As fate would have it we did get back together and married this time. I would like to thank Debbie for all that she does and all that she is. I almost love her as much as I love my truck.

(Wink wink)