• 1969 Ford F100 – John N.

The truck was used as a pilot truck for a mobile home moving business in west Texas. I trailered it to my home in Alabama in 2017 and began restoration. I took the truck down to the last bolt with the intent to keep the truck as original as possible. I was able to keep the original inline 6 240 c.i. motor and the “3 on the tree” manual transmission. However, I added power front disc brakes for added safety. And because acceptable replacement exhaust and intake manifolds proved very difficult to find, I installed headers and a modern intake manifold which required a 4bbl carburetor. I restored the old dash pad and kept instrument panel original looking with new old stock. The original paint color was powder blue, but I repainted it in a two tone harbor blue and Wimbledon white.¬†I have to say that the ¬†diagrams in the LMC catalog were very helpful on several occasions and I appreciated how easy it was to find and order parts.
I really enjoy driving this truck along the country roads where I live.