• 1968 Chevy C10 – Erik O.

Great Grandpas Truck

My Great Grandpa Roy had a 1968 C-10 step side that he bought brand new back in 1969 off of a local dealer. He passed in 1976 when I was only a few months old and the truck went to my Grandpa Orval. When I was of age I learned to drive the 3 on the tree. My cousin ended up with the truck and it sat in my uncles shed for 20 years until 7/30/2018. My mom surprised me with the truck on my birthday. The truck is all original including Great Grandpas name on both doors. Im going to keep it in the original state. Going to go through the motor, tranny, and replace all hoses and wiring.Im going to keep the V6 and the 3spd tranny. May take me awhile but it will be on the road again. All trucks must have names since Great Grandpa Roys name in on the door Great Grandma Myrtles name is going on the plates. Roy and Myrtle will ride together again.