• 1966 Chevy 1500 – Chad M.

Ole Red

In 1996 I bought a ‘94 Chevy 1500 extended cab. It was red and my first truck that I owned. I since had two sons. They practically grew up in it. I installed spider man stickers on the side windows for them. Ex And spider man floor mats. We traveled everywhere in it, vacations, school events, outings etc., putting approx 267,000 miles on it from 29,000 when I bought it. It has helped us move 9 times. I have since divorced and kept the truck all these years threatening to either sell or fix it up. My youngest son joined the military, like his Dad, Pappaw and Uncles. He is stationed in Japan for the new 2 years. I decided I would finally sell it. I tried to sell it for 2 months. Everyone trying to basically get the truck for nothing. I was able to talk with my Son one evening. While talking to him I told him I was trying to sell the truck because it is just sitting around and nothing is worse on a vehicle. He got a little emotional and said “Dad you can’t sell Ole Red because we have too many great memories in that truck.” He proceeded to tell of many memories we made in that ole truck. He said,”Dad I’ll tell you what, you keep the truck for me and I’ll send you money to get it back running and then when I get out it will be our Dad/Son project.” Well, needless to say, it is still in the family and will be for the next 2 years until Dad, Son, and Ole Red are reunited. Can’t wait for that day to come!