• 1965 Ford F250 – Amy P.


My dream truck since I was 16 years old has always been a 78-79 Ford pickup. It took me til I was 35 to realize that dream when a buddy of ours told us of a 1976 F-250 HighBoy for sale and we bought it! While restoring it to its original condition,(still in the process), my husband tells me of a 65 Ford F-250 2wd that had been sitting in a neighbors yard never moving. My father in law knew the people and we soon learned that it was for sale.

The truck was all original, one owner and was in decent shape minus the tailgate. Needless to say we ended up with a his and hers, but I say they are both mine! (HAHA) The 65 was a quicker fix so we focused on getting it going and let the 76 sit for awhile. It needed a little body work and of course it didn’t run because it had been sitting for at least 13 years! So we had the motor completely rebuilt with the original motor, a 352.

My husband and I did all the rest ourselves and spent weeks of sanding and sanding and more sanding!! The hubby painted the truck himself, he never had painted a truck before and it turned out great for a backyard restoration, even though it tried our patience! A LOT! But, we love it and its a lot of fun to drive. Everybody looks and stares and wants to know who painted it so we must’ve done a good job on it!

Now the work begins on the 76, but for now we are enjoying this classic! Thanks to LMC Truck for having the parts we needed to get this beauty back on the road. Couldn’t have done it without you! Keep em on the road and NEVER STOP DREAMING!