• 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 – Collin A.

Dad’s Old 2003 Silverado

In 2009 my father test drove this lifted red 2003 Silverado that caught his eye. I immediately fell in love with it. The truck is a Waldoch Conversion Truck. He was in love with this truck like no other. With a lot of thinking and days of convincing my mom (lol) he later purchased it and began driving it. Had 42,000 miles on it at the time. He used it for camping, hunting, fishing, towing, home improvement projects and anything you’d use a truck for. This truck was apart of all our family camping trips and a lot of our family road trips as well. He kept it in pretty good shape as the years went by and always took care of it. He didn’t leave it alone either. He added some aggressive mud tires to it, a nice flowmaster dual exhaust system and still used the Bose stereo system blaring 80s hair metal like the truck was still brand new.

As the truck got older it started needing some maintenance. He had daily drivers over the years to keep the miles and wear and tear off this truck. Not fitting in the garage the truck started sitting outside all the time and rarely got driven. Being as lifted as it was it wasn’t as practical for him and It seemed the longer he had it the less he drove it. In December of 2018 he was done with his 2003 and purchased a brand new GMC truck. I had the chance to buy the ’03 from him and didn’t hesitate. I still love this truck today as much as I did when I first laid eyes on it as a 12 year old.

When I bought it from him I began some overdue maintenance. Tires were bald and dry rotted, suspension work, fluid changes, etc. I also began working on the cosmetic things. Truck had lots of clear coat issues from sitting outside. I cleaned it and restored the paint, added a 1.5” body lift on top of the existing 4” suspension lift, put a set of 315/75R16 BFG All Terrains on, (Gives it the classic Waldoch look again) and now it’s my toy. I still take care of this truck as if it was brand new. It currently has 93,000 on it and still drives like it did 10 years ago. As I drive it today I still relive the memories I had as a young kid growing up in this truck. Thanks for reading.