• 1994 Chevy 1500 – John H.

My Old Truck

I bought the truck to replace my Toyota 2019. $1,000 per month for a retired disabled veteran was too much today. For $700 I got my baby on Ebay. It was not cared for in over 15 years. So I have all those repairs plus cab corner and rockers. No cab rubber mounts but she runs great with a 3.4 6 cylinder.

I got a folder hood and some bed supports rotted out.. Bits and pieces missing. I would a garage squad but no garage just hot/cold concrete pad. I wish I could get some help because with my disability it is hard to work with a bad heart.

I travel around the country to help train seniors on computer systems. I been working hard but each week I lose 3 days due to pain and sickness. I am adding a picture of the grill to change the look.